Denver Firearms training

About Us

Denver Firearms Training was started in June of 2019 by Isaac Martinez. Isaac is a local competition shooter and a NRA certified firearm instructor (yuck.) He has also taken training from other instructors and continues to learn and develop his skills. He specializes in new shooter development and is passionate for helping people learn how to shoot guns and also start their concealed carry process.


” I never learned how to shoot guns growing up. I’m actually self taught up until I took more formalized training. I know the challenges and obstacles new shooters face when learning how to shoot firearms so I tailor my courses to someone who doesn’t know anything. Once you get a comfortable and competent with your firearm, I send you to a different instructor who can further your training.

Obtain your concealed carry for free

We teach the concealed carry course for residents all over the Denver metro area. We have taught over 1000 students and continue to teach more and more every single week. To attend to one of our classes, sign up below.

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