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Denver Firearms Training

For the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We specialize in firearm training for any new shooter wanting to get more comfortable with their firearm. Our team is committed to bridging the gap between comfort and competency. Our area of focus is primarily in the defensive side in shooting. Concealed Carry, Home Defense, and trying to keep whats important to you, safe. 

We Are Open 7 Days A Week

Our trained professionals are here to help you increase your skills associated with defending yourself and others with a firearm.


Colorado Concealed Carry

Our comprehensive concealed carry course covers the laws applying to concealed carry and personal defense, to concealed carry fundamentals and situational awareness.

Private Training

We offer one on one training for both handgun and rifle. We cover everything from The Fundamentals of Shooting to Care and Maintainence.  Crafted to you and your firearm.


Defensive Pistol/Rifle

Our most popular class is our Defensive Pistol and Defensive Rifle course. Our clients love these classes as they pertain to real life situatitions. They also pair very well with our Concealed Carry Course.

Authentic People

We are not Military or Law Enforcement. We are regular people like yourself. We pride ourselves in being true to our clients. We are normal people trying to protect we love most, just like yourself.

The greatest achievement we have experienced is watching our students go from uninformed prospectors of the firearm industry, to confident marksmen with their gun. Our passion is to educate others on the safe use and practice of firearm shooting.  

Denver Firearms Training provides the skills necessary for those wanting to protect themselves and others. This isn’t a Call of Duty, we are not Law Enforcement or Military personnel, we are standard citizens like the students we teach. We only teach what is practical for you to know and what is truly critical. We teach the difference between life and death. We come from a variety of backgrounds in this industry. Every one of our instructors offer something different to learn from.


Certified by the National Rifle Association as Firearm Instructors


Hunters from a young age


Competition Shooters


Custom gun builders


Civil Rights Activists

Our training comes from those who we look up to and admire. If we don’t believe in something, we wont teach it to you. The gun industry is polluted with bad information and techniques that may work for some but not for everyone. We are successful because our training is prescriptive. We train YOU on what you want to learn with your own tools. Our instructors are adaptive to everyone.


Customer tested. customer approved.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our students will receive every piece of information that we have to help further their knowledge. No questions asked.

Our commitment to you

The continued success of our business is solely dependent on our people and our clients. Our commitment to you is…


Leave safer than when you came in


Increase your knowledge and or skill


Provide a safe company to look towards for information and help.


Have fun

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