Cda Certification

Article provided by: NICCM National Institute of Child Care Management

Cda Certification

Are you interested in obtaining your CDA certification to further your childcare career? Let NICCM help you earn the CDA with their comprehensive courses designed to get you ready for the Child Development Associate. There is no longer a need to spend years to complete your Child Development Associate (CDA).

With NICCM’s Fast Track CDA courses, you can become CDA-ready in only 3 days! Their over-the-weekend CDA courses are the perfect solution for students who want to obtain CDA certification, but don’t have a lot of time to waste. Your course content and schedule will run for 3 days, with studies for 8 hours a day, and will include everything you need to know to earn the child development associate.

Your First Day:

Begins with an intense introduction to the CDA and the NICCM 3-Day CDA Fast Track: Documenting training hours by CDA training topics, Keys to Writing, CDA Competency Statement, CDA. Topics include: Planning a safe and healthy learning environment, advancing children’s physical and intellectual development, supporting children’s social and emotional development, establishing positive and productive relationships with families, ensuring a well-run purposeful program, and maintaining a commitment to professionalism.

Your Second Day:

Will be focused on the Directed Portfolio Lab, which allows for individual consultation & one-on-one time with the presenter. Participants will work on their portfolio and meet with the presenter to discuss their statements and the documentation within their professional portfolio. The Professional Philosophy Statement: Developing a professional philosophy statement, Summarizing your professional beliefs about early education, and continued individual consultations.

Your Third Day:

Will cover the Child Development Associate Practice Exam, including: Understanding the Verification Visit, Instructions on completing the process, The Application Process, Choosing your PD Specialist, Finding a Pearson Vue testing site.

There’s no better way to obtain your CDA certification than through NICCM’s CDA courses, which will save you time and money over other lengthy courses. In fact, you won’t find a more affordable solution anywhere. Visit online at to download a brochure to learn more about what NICCM’s CDA courses can offer you.

If you have questions and would like to speak with someone from NICCM who can answer them for you, please call 602-476-1422, or contact NICCM online through their connection form. Don’t wait another day to register for NICCM’s course that will help you obtain your CDA certification. It’s never been easier to register for CDA-ready courses- fees and additional information are all available from the

You’ll love the results you get, in only 3 days, and you’ll be well on your way to CDA certification. NICCM knows you’re on a busy schedule- and they’re ready to meet you where you are on your journey to passing the CDA. Take advantage of their Fast Track to CDA courses and discover why so many students have earned the CDA, with NICCM.