Free concealed carry class (CCW Permit) Denver | Northern Colorado

Free Concealed Carry Class (CCW Permit) Denver | Northern Colorado

Free Concealed Carry Course
Yes, there is a free concealed carry class available that we offer. Yes it is legit, there are no gimmicks or any hidden motives. They say that nothing good is ever free, but hear me out. We think its asinine that you have to ask AND pay the government for permission to carry your own property to defend your life. We think its ridiculous and absolutely wrong. No where in the second amendment does it say that you have to ask government to do such. Actually, its quite the opposite. At the tail end of the second amendment of the Bill of Rights it says, "Shall not be infringed." Thats a topic for a different day though.

How does that work?

Let me try to answer that question that people many have asked. My business, Denver Firearms Training, has been in business since June of 2019 teaching the concealed carry course to residents all over the Denver Metro area. I quit my job and started this business while supplementing my income by driving for Lyft and Uber. I would drive for Lyft/Uber and meet people at their homes, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. to teach the class for them. At the end of the course, they would receive a certificate of completion that would allow them to apply for their permit. No, the course doesn't involve any shooting. It is NOT required by law so I don't make my students go through that. Check out my other post for more information on that. I DO RECOMMEND TRAINING AND SHOOTING. Just the concealed carry class is not enough. Can you accurately hit what you're aiming at? That is truly what's important.

Okay, so why for free?

It is beneficial in a number of ways. Teaching for free would gain me publicity (being a small business owner, this is crucial), open more opportunities for someone to take further training from me, and would start circulation of my name and what I'm doing. The class has always remained that way, however, I do ask for donations at the end. My students may donate to me whatever they can afford, my main goal was to get my business out there and get as many students trained and carrying as possible. As for the student, they would come take a course with us, enjoy their time with me as I try out a mix of instruction and improvised comedy, learn in depth information on gun laws, and receive a certificate of completition at the end. If they choose donate, they know that they are supporting a small business. Some students can't afford the $100-$150 classes that other places charge, but that shouldn't alienate them from getting their rights back. Some students don't even know where to begin or even have a handgun yet, they can still attend the class. Carrying a firearm is a costly process all together. Purchasing a handgun, ammo, holster, other gear, training, AND paying for a permit fee all adds up. So the free class is a win-win for everybody involved. This is the START of your gun training. Ever since then, I have slowly built up my name with the help of many other people and now can manage to teach upwards of 60 students a class. I am blessed for that.

Okay, fair enough. What does the course look like?

The class is all presentation based. I have taken a couple other CCW courses in the past and I saw what I liked and what I didn't. I definitely found out what I did NOT want to do from other instructors. I wanted to give my students a perspective and overlook from a legal side of things. Things that EVERY firearm owner should know. I'm not a lawyer, but perhaps doing some research on the laws would help me give information that would set me aside from my competition. I covered information on how to apply for your permit all the way to the legality of self defense. Now, I know I'm teaching the most boring thing in the world. I'm teaching gun safety and legislation on a power point slide show. So I have sprinkled in some humor throughout the course to keep it engaging and not so much like its pulling teeth. The course is roughly 3 hours, and is jam-packed with information and examples

So I take the course and then what?

At the end of the course, you will receive the certificate of competition. You will then apply for a Concealed Handgun Permit with your County Sheriffs office of your residence. If you live in Denver, you will need to go to Denver Police Headquarters (1331 Cherokee St.). If in Broomfield, you will go to Broomfield Police Headquarters (7 DesCombs Dr.). You will set an appointment online, and will need to a valid state photo ID, certificate of competition, and UP TO $152.50 in cash or check. They would not be the government if they did not want your money. After you apply, you will wait for UP TO 90 calendar days, and then you will have your permit. I have all the links to the office websites linked here.

Be sure to check out our other blog posts as we cover more specific information pertaining to guns and concealed carry.

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