Preschool Vancouver

Preschool Vancouver

Bullying is a serious problem in many schools across the continent. At CEFA, we are vigilant about preventing bullying to protect all of the kids enrolled at our schools. You may have experienced some bullying when you were in grade school and beyond and know how bad it can hurt. Unfortunately, bullies exist at all age levels. Even if you have a child who is in preschool in Vancouver, they can still experience bullying. Here are some of the signs to look out for.

Unexplained Injuries

Your child might have a bully in preschool in Vancouver if they come home and have injuries that they can’t explain. Kids aren’t always able or confident enough to tell you that one of their peers hurt them. If your child has injuries that they seem too timid to explain to you, or if they tell you that another child is hurting them at school, it’s best to talk to your child’s teacher right away and get the problem worked out or arrange for them to attend another preschool in Vancouver.

Feigning Sickness

At certain times of year, illnesses such as the flu and cold are pretty commonplace. However, frequent complaints from your child about headaches, stomach aches or other illnesses may not be. They may be pretending to be sick so they don’t have to go. If you suspect this may be the case, have a conversation with their teacher about any potential problems they may be having at school.

Damaged or Lost Clothing

If your child’s clothing is consistently getting lost or damaged while they’re at school then he or she may be a victim of bullying. Many bullies act out by stealing clothes from other kids or damaging their clothes either on purpose or through acts of violence.

Problems Sleeping

Sometimes kids who are bullied at school during the day also have nightmares or experience sleep regression as a result. If your child is waking up with nightmares or is having problems going to sleep or staying asleep, you may be able to recognize this as a potential problem at school. Make sure you talk to their teacher or observe the class for a day to see how your child is being treated by his or her classmates and teachers.

Disinterest in Food and Eating

Many people are emotional eaters. This behavior can often start in children who are very young. If your child has had a sudden change in eating habits, or if they come home from school feeling hungry, bullying may be the cause. Bullies often steal lunches from other kids, or may be bullying your child to the point where they feel scared or sad and don’t have interest in food as they usually do.

Avoiding Social Situations

If you notice that your child is exhibiting resistance to go to school, understand that it may be because of a bully. It would be wise in this case to talk to your child’s teacher right away so you can find the cause and act. Unfortunately, bullying is a problem that can start affecting your kids at any age. Starting from when they are first in preschool in Vancouver, it’s a good idea to be aware of the signs of bullying so you can better protect your kids and be an advocate for them.  

Preschool Vancouver



Preschool Vancouver


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