How to Apply for your Concealed Handgun Permit (CCW) in Colorado

The process to apply for your CCW permit in Colorado is very simple and pretty straight forward. First we need to identify if you can even OBTAIN your handgun permit.

Understand Colorado is a SHALL issue state and so long as you meet the states MINIMUM requirements, the state SHALL issue you your permit (meaning they have to give it to you.) That law specifically C.R.S. 18-12-201 (3)

The Requirements are the following…
– Legal resident state of colorado
– 21 Y/O or older
– Capable to purchase a handgun and complete a form 4473
– Never been convicted of Prejury
– Not under investigation or have been charged for a crime of violence
– No restraining orders both criminal/Civil.

– Not an unlawful user of drugs or alcohol (gone to rehab, Medical Marijuana card, etc.)

– Not declared mentally adjudicated (Forced to a mental health institution against your will)

– No more than 2 alcohol related incidents (DUI, etc.)


For a majority of people, it’s pretty easy to get this far. Now the part that separates a CHP holder and a regular gun owner is PROOF OF Training. The law states you must provide proof of training from a handgun training class obtained within the last 10 years. So you have to take a recognized course, and then you will be able to obtain your permit.

So long as you meet the states minimum requirements and have taken a handgun training class, you will need to bring some stuff with you. Those will be: Certificate of competition which needs to be SIGNED and DATED by instructor. Your name should be Clearly PRINTED, not signed. Proof of Residency (easiest way is State ID with up to date information) you can also use vehicle registration, utility bill etc. You’ll be requested to Pay up to $152.50. 1 charge is for a Colorado Bearur of Investigations to conduct a background check. (hence the finger prints) and the other charge is for a processing fee which goes to the issuing sheriffs office.

After that, you must apply at the county sheriffs of where you reside or where you own business. You only need 1 permit for the whole state. Pick whichever one is easiest for you. The sheriff is the one who issues you the permit and it is good for 5 years at a time. You will need to renew every 5 years when it expires. The 2 exceptions will be if one lives in Denver county or in Broomfield. For Denver residents, you will apply to Denver Police Head Quarters. Broomfield residents will apply at Broomfield Police Head Quarters. Everyone else is County Sheriffs office of residence or own business.

Do take note, every issuing government agency processes applications differently. Some may request that you mail in an application first, some may have you call in for an appointment, others may have an online appointment registration to set up for an appointment. None the less, you will be looking to set up an appointment because the process needs to be done in person and you will need an appointment.

Once you turn your application in, the sheriff may take up to 90 calendar days to issue you your permit. It will come via mail. If you get denied, you will receive a rejection letter and information on why and how to appeal that.

So, to recap. You need to be a normal person with no outstanding crime of violence issues or perjury. Take a handgun training class as defined by C.R.S. 18-12-202. Apply at Sheriff office, go in and pay, and then wait for it to come in the Mail.

I have linked to all of Colorado sheriffs office websites to start the process for you to help expedite the process for you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you out.

Thank you!

Denver Firearms Training LLC.
“For the preservation of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.”


Adams County –

Alamosa County – Call to get more information. Their Facebook says it might be a walk in basis, CHP+:(719) 589-3658

Arapahoe County – Walk-ins welcome.

Archuleta County –

Baca County –

Bent County –

Boulder County – Call to make an appointment

Broomfield County – Online Registration

Chaffee County –

Cheyenne County –

Clear Creek County –

Conejos County –

Costilla County –

Crowley County – Call for further information 719.267.5555 x3

Custer County – Call for further information (719) 783-2270

Delta County –

Denver County –

Dolores County – Call for further information 970-677-2257

Douglas County –

Eagle County –

El Paso County –

Elbert County –

Fremont County –

Garfield County –

Gilpin County –

Grand County –

Gunnison County –

Hinsdale County –

Huerfano County –
Jackson County –

Jefferson County –

Kiowa County –
Kit Carson County –

La Plata County –

Lake County –
Larimer County –

Las Animas County –

Lincoln County –

Logan County –

Mesa County –

Mineral County – Call for info  (719) 658-2600

Moffat County –

Montezuma County –

Montrose County –

Morgan County –

Otero County – Call for info  (719) 384-594

Ouray County –

Park County –

Phillips County –

Pitkin County –

Prowers County –

Pueblo County –

Rio Blanco County –

Rio Grande County – Call for info 719-657-4000

Routt County –

Saguache County – Call for info 719-655-2544

San Juan County – Call for info (970)387-5531

San Miguel County –

Sedgwick County –

Summit County –

Teller County –

Washington County –

Weld County –
Yuma County –


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